Living Word Academy

From Our Principal

Welcome to the Lion's Den
Dear Parents,

     By choosing Living Word Academy we believe that you are interested in a school that offers an educational curriculum built upon traditional ideas and values where Godly conduct and lifestyle are key factors. A school whose superior curriculum meets and surpasses the academic demands of our parents and students. A place of learning that encourages growth and development while guarding against outside negative influences.

     Living Word Academy has become a leader in advancing the educational level of students in the upper Peninsula area. Students who transfer out of the school generally work at a much higher pace than those in the same grade level. A contributing factor to this advancement is the small teacher-student ratio and the strong morals and Godly character that the school is founded on.

     Our overall mission is to produce the finest citizens and students that we can through superior Christian academic instruction and leadership. The Holy Bible, discipline, responsibility, hard work and duty to God and country highlight all that we do at Living Word.

     Living Word Academy is a outreach of Living Word Ministries and enjoys the protection and anointing that covers the students through the prayers and love from the saints at Living Word Church. Anything that you do for the church or it's leadership directly benefits the school and all that God has called us to do. If you do not have a church home, we invite you to consider jointing Living Word Church and enjoy the ministry of the uncompromised Word of God.

     We ask that as the school year progresses you continue to pray for the students, teachers, and administration. Together, we will see God do mighty works within the hearts and lives of our children. Raising God's

Champions Together,

Mrs. Brenda L. Ashe - Principal