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Healings and Miracles

SettleThis Fact - It is God's Will To Heal You

The same Bible that says He forgives all our iniquities also says that He heals all our diseases. (Psalm 103:3.)

Sickness and Disease Do Not Come From God

Jesus went about doing good and healing all. God doesnot need sickness and disease to teach you a lesson - that is why He gave us His Word.

See Yourself Well

See yourself as having that which the Word says is yours. Saturate your spirit and mind with the Word of God Concerning healing and the healing will begin from the inside out!

Establish a Release Point for Your Faith

A release point may be the day hands are laid on you or after you have been anointed with oil. Establish a point of reference, "From now on, I believe I have received my healing".

Remember Faith Is Now

God is ready today. He wants you to receive your healing today. Don't wait around thinking, "Maybe someday I'll get healed". Reach out by faith and take what is yours.

Don't Talk Defeat

From the moment you release your faith for healing, don't talk defeat, sickness or disease again. Don't talk about how you feel; talk about what you believe.

Stay in the Word

The devil may come with thoughts of doubt and unbelief. Resist him by staying in the Word. Fill your mind and spirit each day with Scriptures concerning healing.

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